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We, the undersigned, believe that the existing translation system should DIE IN A HORRIBLE FIRE.
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Signed. Such a whole world of signed.

It should be a particularly vile chemical fire with all sorts of toxic organic compounds and acidic fumes and everything. I'll happily pay for the fees to hire a chemist to make sure that we set things up in such a way as to leave as small a trace of it as possible.
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I.... don't even know what it is. But it sounds very very wrong. So let us make it all dead. I know several very good methods.

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You will encounter the translation system, intimately, in the course of site copy work, and learn to loathe it.
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I'll get behind this.
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Send it to hEll for eternity!
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(I was quite happy consigning it to the lowest depths of hell (with a few devil's traps and spellcords to keep it there) even *before* I'd used it. My session of training with rho mainly consisted of me going "omg wait what?" and laughing helplessly because there was no other possible reaction. Aside from pau's suggestion.)
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I haven't even *used* it yet, and am already horrified.

Die, Translation System, Die!
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Fucking YES!

*still has nightmares from the months spent keeping it at 100%*