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Katie ([personal profile] tajasel) wrote in [community profile] translation_die_die_die2009-03-27 12:13 am

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So, when [personal profile] rho called the translation system a Lovecraftian Horror, my first mistake was to think "nah, it can't be that bad!"


Okay, the ellipsis was just for dramatic effect. I didn't actually find it so bad... for about thirty seconds, until I stumbled across the first orphaned string. I shrugged it off, though - "well, it was a 50/50 chance the first one I looked at wouldn't exist..."

Yeees. 50/50.

In the last five minutes, I have found...

details.comments.posted / details.comments.posted2
(and, of course, details.comments.received and details.comments.received2

details.created / details.createdon / details.createdon2

details.entries / details.entries2 / details.entries2 / details.entries3

...and they're just the ones I had to tack onto the ever-growing list over at the Wiki :-/

Where will it end?!

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