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Issue 1614: Removing redundant colon from mobile post page (pull request)
Category: Bug
Patch by: [github.com profile] azurelunatic
Description: The mobile page to post an entry had an unnecessary colon, which had been getting up Azz's nose. So they started to tackle it, and encountered the eldritch horror. I quote, "Tonight's Storytime with Azz in -dev was explaining to @sgsabbage Why We Change The Code String Via Patch. It was all very baffling ("Because the steam-radiator still sits there angrily waiting for us to bark our shins on it in the middle of the night.") up until the moment he beheld the Translation UI, at which point he achieved enlightenment."

The Github issue link above has more detail.
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So, when [personal profile] rho called the translation system a Lovecraftian Horror, my first mistake was to think "nah, it can't be that bad!"


Okay, the ellipsis was just for dramatic effect. I didn't actually find it so bad... for about thirty seconds, until I stumbled across the first orphaned string. I shrugged it off, though - "well, it was a 50/50 chance the first one I looked at wouldn't exist..."

Yeees. 50/50.

In the last five minutes, I have found...

details.comments.posted / details.comments.posted2
(and, of course, details.comments.received and details.comments.received2

details.created / details.createdon / details.createdon2

details.entries / details.entries2 / details.entries2 / details.entries3

...and they're just the ones I had to tack onto the ever-growing list over at the Wiki :-/

Where will it end?!
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Brad was sitting alone in his room, writing some code and thinking about goats when he was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in!" he called, with a touch of irritation, and then tried to get his brain back into hack mode. His attempt was short lived. Mephistopheles opened the door and strided in dramatically.

"Ah, Mr. Fitzpatrick. I have a proposition for you which I'm sure you'll find quite intriguing."

"Oh?" More a grunt than a question.

"As you may have surmised, my name is Mephistopheles, and I come to you as a representative of the legions of hell. We have certain talents, and for the right price, we'd be willing to use them on your behalf. For instance, we could take that little bit of code you're hacking on now, and turn it into a global success. You could make enough money off it for hookers and blow. And fast cars."

Brad finally gave up trying to get any more code written and swung his chair around to face Mephistopheles. "Look," he said "I do like fast cars, but I know how you guys work. You offer me all this, I give you my soul, you try to make it seem like a good bargain, but before I know it I'm stuck with the eternal damnation crap. Go find someone else to bother."

"Actually, that's a common misconception. While we used to do business in souls, we've been forced to modernised over the last century or so. Too much bad press, you understand. We work much less directly now. All we're asking is that you include some of our code."

"Oh great," said Brad. "Hell is churning out script kiddies now. I suppose it makes sense, in a way."

"Oh no! You misunderstand me. Our code won't be malicious. Quite the contrary. It will help further open communication and allow your site to be used by people of many nationalities. You can even check it through before you commit it, if you want. There's no need though, really. It's not like I'd lie to you."

"That doesn't sound too bad. What was it you were saying about fast cars?"
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We, the undersigned, believe that the existing translation system should DIE IN A HORRIBLE FIRE.


Because the current translation system should DIE

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